Create a citation

PICUPEDIA is a knowledge base for pediatric critical care medicine --- the easiest way to find concepts, relevant journal articles, data visualizations, infographics, datasets, data collections, databases, registries, software, people and the curated web. Each CITATION consists simply of a title, a source, a URL and a very short description.

how to (citation)


Usually you just need to copy the title verbatim from the source. If it is really, really long you might want to shorten it a bit.

name of site (location)

This should be short, succinct. For example: just write 'Society of Critical Care Medicine' or 'Surviving Sepsis Campaign'. Not 'Society of Critical Care Medicine Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC)'. It's too long. And also not just 'SCCM'. Find a happy informative medium.


Please enter the URL that will get the reader as close as possible to high quality material. To see a PDF of 'Surviving Sepsis Campaign: International Guidelines for Management of Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock: 2012' (title) posted by the 'Society of Critical Care Medicine' (name of site), enter the following URL: 'http://www.sccm.org/Documents/SSC-Guidelines.pdf'.

description (caption)

Be succinct, like this: 'Guidance for the clinician caring for a patient with severe sepsis or septic shock.' This sentence was copied more or less directly from the description provided by the SCCM. This approach is appropriate only because we are linking directly to its source.

create more new citations

The parent page of an entry often provides links to many more possible new picupedia citations. For instance, back up to 'http://www.survivingsepsis.org/Pages/default.aspx' (a potential new citation itself) to find links to twenty-five more data sources and visualizations. A dedicated citation would be appropriate for each of these.

where are the tags?

TAGS can be added on the EDIT page of the citation. Access this through the list of citations on the page dedicated to this platform. [If this is a single entry, i.e., you have not created a platform, we will add tags for you].

can I see my post?

Yes, if you have your own platform. Otherwise, it will be posted shortly. We are just going to take a quick look, add the tags then release it to the public.

I like doing this


I would like to do more

Would you like to start a platform --- where you can gather links and descriptions of related data and data objects?

What is a PLATFORM?

A platform is the place in PICUPEDIA where you can gather and present links to materials on a particular (fairly narrow) topic. Think of it as an 'Essential Reading' collection. For instance you might grow and maintain a platform on 'Oximetry in cyanotic heart disease'.

That sounds like curation

It does. You would be the Oximetry Curator. Or one of them, at least. Maybe someone will maintain a platform on 'Oximetry engineering'.

Can I start a platform?

Absolutely. And we prefer that you declare a niche platform, like 'Interleukin-6 (IL-6) in sepsis' rather than 'Interleukin-6'. You can create your own platform here.

Can I maintain several platforms?

We'd love that.