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PICUPEDIA is a crowdsourced knowledge for pediatric critical care medicine. It consists of an endless but logical stream of citations linked to relevant material located all over the world.

Any search tips?

Search using the SINGULAR form of your search term (e.g., 'dog' not 'dogs', 'visualization' not 'visualizations'). Exceptions to the 'singular' rule: demographics, genomics, informatics. Pediatrics. Most of the '-ics'.

Popular searches?

We can never get enough of shunts or single ventricles.

How will PICUPEDIA grow?

PICUPEDIA depends on the generosity, and the intellectual curiosity, of the pediatric critical care community and its colleagues in related disciplines. As we accumulate a critical mass of original and linked material, various interest areas will emerge, curated not only by pediatric intensivists but by professionals in other disciplines as well (e.g., perhaps an engineer will curate a platform on oscillating mechanical ventilators).

What is a PLATFORM?

A platform is the place in PICUPEDIA where you can gather and present links to materials on a particular (fairly narrow) topic. Think of it as an 'Essential Reading' collection. For instance you might grow and maintain a platform on 'Oximetry in cyanotic heart disease'.

Can I start a platform?

Absolutely. And we prefer that you declare a niche platform, like 'Interleukin-6 (IL-6) in sepsis' rather than 'Interleukin-6'. You can create your own platform here.

Can I just send PICUPEDIA a single citation?

Sure. Just click here.

Can I write for PICUPEDIA?

Absolutely. We are soliciting original essays in format. Here is how to do it.

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